Pax Lessian

A meeting of adventurers.

The players:
Mallock, an Amarite dwarf bounty hunter. Male.
Dorvaak, a Rey’ach sellsword assassin. Female.
Lucidia, a wondering High Elven treasure hunter. Female.
Jidgrot, a fist slingin’ Lizard..woman bodyguard to Lucidia. Female?

Lucidia has received a transmission from the BD-Ikar’davos saying there is a package, left by her recently presumed dead Uncle, waiting there for her.
Mallock and Dorvaak, partners in… crime, are storing their ship “The Chaos” in the cargo hold of the Hilatia, a small freighter bound for Ikar’davos.

Suddenly the ship lurches as if hit and the lights onboard go out.
The Captain comes on the PA system saying they have been boarded and there is a strong possibility the crew will need help.

Mallock and Dorvaak step out of their ship weapons drawn, with the intent of going to the command deck and speaking with the Captain.
Walking through the cargo hold they are met by four battle droids.
Mallock and Dorvaak open fire on the them.

Lucidia and Jidgrot chase down the gunfire to the cargo hold.
Lucidia fires several arrows into one of the droids, leveling it.
Meanwhile Jidgrot runs up behind one of the droids and starts pulling at it’s arm, most likely trying to… disarm it… But several seconds pass and Jidgrot rips the droids head off instead.

A few moments of inspection and Mallock sees the boarding ship that punched a hole in the Hilatia’s hull. Mallock and Lucidia both jetpack up into the boarding ship.
Upon finding nothing inside and coming to the conclusion that removing the boarding ship would be disastrous they jump back down into the Hilatia’s cargohold.
Lucidia and Jidgrot return to their respective rooms after the action subsided.

Mallock however, goes to the Captain in hopes of payment for his impromptu services.
The Captain agrees to pay him one hundred credits and says they can salvage the ship when they get to the station.
Content with this outcome Mallock returns to the droids and salvages their arm guns. The droids have GOBLIN written on the side of their heads. He then returns to Dorvaak and they go back to The Chaos.

Lucidia, after several minutes in her room gets hit with a question.
She grabs her bow and walks to the command deck to speak with the Captain.
Once inside the deck she nocks an arrow and asks “What the hell are you carrying?”
The Captain is very insistent that all they are carrying is food and medical rations.
Jenkins, the Hilatia’s helmsman, makes a juvenile.. insertion, about the contents of the crates in the cargo hold only to be quickly dismissed by the unamused Captain.
The Captain allows to Lucidia to search the crates if it will make her feel better. As long as his crewman, Thomas, can go with her. She agrees and they go to the cargo hold.
Upon searching the crates the Captain’s word seems to be true. Nothing in the crates but food blocks and medicine containers.

The next two days go without incident and the Hilatia lands calmly in the Budlin Domini Ikar’davos.

Mallock detached The Chaos from the Hilatia, and Dorvak removed the boarding ship after they entered the airlock.
Lucidia and Jidgrot set out to find this mystery package.
Jenkins gets fired.

Mallock and Dorvak make a good bit of money selling the salvage from the boarding ship.

Lucidia and Jidgrot arrive at storage hangar 131.
Lucidia, confronted with a number pad and a locked door, looses an arrow into the keypad.
Sparks emit from the keypad and the owner of the storage units freaks out.
Jidgrot convinces him he needs to calm down. Most likely by flexing her muscles and grunting at the poor guy.
The owner opens the door, revealing a darkened hangar bay.
Inside, the two women find a small switch that upon flipping turns on the lights in almost empty hangar.
In the middle sits a small wooden box, and a deactivated droid.
Jidgrot pries the box open, inside there is a data card.
Lucidia manages to activate the droid unit.
It stands up and says, “Please insert datacard”
Upon request Lucidia inserts the card into the back of the droids head.
It’s eyes light up, “I am Generex model 1-27-1.”
After some questioning it becomes clear that Lucidia’s uncle was investigating the cause of the Tiamar Pross when he went missing.
The Generex presumes he is dead.
The Generex tells them he can find the last man that was with Lucidia’s uncle.

Lucidia, Jidgrot, and the Generex go to a shop on the station to find gear and a way to get to this man.
At the shop they run into Mallock and Dorvak.
Lucidia and Jidgrot step into the back of the shop to update the Generex’s frame for possible combat.

While this is going on, Mallock and Dorvak are in the front of the shop perusing the fine weaponry this station has.
During this gun session, Mallock and Dorvak are confronted by the station’s police force.
Accused of carrying illegal items into the station they are told they are under arrest.

When Lucidia, Jidgrot, and the Generex step out of the back the police recognize the Generex model.
The officers request more units and tell everyone they are under arrest.

Lucidia and Mallock both draw their various weapons and level them at the officers.
Lucidia, her bow.
Mallock, his new found love, his grenade launcher.

Lucidia fires her bow into two of the lizardmen, immediately Mallock fires the grenade killing half of the officers, leaving, four.
Dorvak kills two of them.
After the assorted gunfire, bowfire, explosion, the lower deck of the Ikar’davos is exposed.
“Come on!” Mallock yells to the other accused.
Mallock runs through his head what the hell they were carrying that would be worth this much trouble. Nothing comes to his mind.

Being pursued the Generex is shot but keeps running with everyone.
Mallock turns around and fires another grenade into the crowd of following officers.

As they enter the busy hangar they see another cluster of officers running towards them.
Mallock shows the better part of valor here and doesn’t open fire in the busy hangar.
They crowd into the Chaos and take off into the starry ocean of black.

After a few moments the Chaos receives a message saying “Stop or we will fire upon you.”
He ignores it.
The area around his ship is lit of with laser fire but he his far enough away that he can evade.

After two days the Chaos came upon a friendly station, they refueled, got supplies and readied themselves for the adventures to come.


Lantus Lantus

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